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  • Johnny Frazier
    Joni, what two beautiful works of art -- you and your therapy garden! I've watched from the beginning as you have, through blood, sweat, and tears, created something very beautiful. Psoriasis and Fibromyalgia pain that you suffer is intense. You've pushed through and done some amazing things... I didn't know that you had whimsical photos of garden creatures? Joni The Whisperer -- training frogs to live in houses? It's funny and entertaining. The good folks at HGTV should see your homes interior and how you take what you grow and really get around in the kitchen. We already benefit having good fresh vegetables to eat... It is really impressive. As for myself, you a winner - already! I love you, too! John Alton "Johnny" Frazier (Husbandman)
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  • debra_f
    Noticed that you didn't include pine straw as a mulch. Having just moved from Texas to Georgia and finding that pine straw is the preferred mulch for the southeast and the popularity is spreading west. Seems there is alot of benefits in using it such as deterring slugs that don't like the sharp needles.
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  • Theresa
    Here in Central Pennsylvania there is an ongoing battle between those who use natural mulch, such as wood chips in variuos colots and creek/river bed rocks also available in many colors and sizes..
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  • Lillian Nelson
    We do this in area's of our! :)
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  • Patricia Moore
    My neighbor thinks wood nmulch between our houses will bring termites so I thought stone around foundations where there are no plants might be better, sort of a Japanese flavor...but use wood in a circle around established perennials.
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