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  • Ginny Rees
    Lovely but where is the chart that tells us what each of these beauties is??
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  • Sharon Catania
    I agree with you, Ginny.
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  • DeAnna Bialczak
    Are there any native plants here? Planting foreign plants that are not native to the local area causes problems in the natural areas when they escape the garden. Where are the butterflies, bees & hummingbirds? If the garden doesn't support life, you need to add host & nectar plants for the local butterflies.
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  • HGTVFelicia
    You can find plant lists for this beautiful garden here:
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  • Fred Thompson
    This is a very exiting scene . The problem is it needs more colors. The ground needs to have ground color . At least three of your favorite.
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  • HGTVMallory
    Great extra tip, Fred!
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  • Janet McMillan
    he table and chairs are too close to the honeysuckle (?) bushes. The bushes will soon be intruding onto the deck. I'd add some kind of metal trellis/divider around that corner to delineate that area. You could cut back the bushes and install a few vines that have colorful flowers to climb up the divider.
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