Suggested For Your Area 07095 — Zone 7a

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  • Janice Obembe
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  • Gail Sandra Amyot
    Breathtaking from Zimbabwa
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  • BettyJeanSmith
    Beautiful color!!
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  • Susanrad
    I have 2 beautiful red ones in pots, on either side of our garage. They keep getting aphids! They must be prone. I first used a "safe" spray, that didn't work, then I heard of a mix of very little Palmolive dish soap with water in a spray bottle, it worked for awhile, then they came back, just treated again an cut it back..such a shame, so pretty when they were healthy and blooming.
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  • anonymous
    Try Neem Oil, it may work better than the soap spray. The oil suffocates the aphids but does not hurt the plant. Alix Dakota (Florida, land of the aphids)
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  • Sneeks Lezah
    ? i bought red impression tulips "60 bulbs" can i still plant even if inside in pots or refrigerate for spring plantingi live in zone 7
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